Developer Secures Parking Garage with Doors


A development company wanted to secure a parking garage from potential vandalism.


The development company was concerned that an underground parking garage with no doors would be a target for vandals to cause damage. They wanted to add some doors make it more secure. Since the structure was originally designed without doors and the opening was underground, there was very little headroom available to install a door.


DH Pace evaluated the parking garage openings and recommended a spring-less rubber roll-up door with low headroom. Since the roll-up door was optimized for conditions where head room clearance is an issue, it was the ideal option. It also boasted operating speeds of up to 30 inches per second making it suitable for accommodating fast-moving vehicle traffic.


The Company installed three of the high performance parking garage doors at the underground parking garage. It offered the right mix of security, high-use capacity and low maintenance for the development company.